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School Profile


Bishop Ludden Junior-Senior High School was founded in 1963 as a Catholic college preparatory high school for young men and women in the Western Region of the Syracuse Diocese.  Chartered by the New York State Board of Regents, the school is a member of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. 

Our curriculum is designed to assist all students.  Our goal is to develop the gifts and talents of each student in order to guide each student toward realizing their goodness and achieving their highest potential.  By stressing the doctrine of Christ’s teachings it is desired that Ludden’s efforts will be the basis for continued growth into adult life-to witness the teachings of Christ.  Special emphasis is placed on the teaching of written communication skills, on developing strong study skills, and on involving students in creative learning activities to meet the moral, physical, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional needs of each student.

Student/Teacher Ratio      18:1

Average Class Size            18-22

Academic Calendar

The school year is divided into four marking periods of approximately 9 weeks in length.  The school day is divided into 8 class  periods of 39 minutes each.  We operate on a two-day cycle with all major subjects (English, Social Studies, Math, Science, Foreign Language and Religion) meeting every day.  Students take Midterm and Final Exams at the end of each semester.

Bishop Ludden Graduation Units of Credit Requirements

Regents                     Advanced Regents

Religion                                    4                                4

English                                     4                                4

Mathematics                            3                                3

Social Studies                         4                                4

Science                                    3                                3

Health                                      .5                               .5                             

The Arts                                   1                                1                            

Foreign Language                 1                                3 (d)

Physical Education                2                                 2                            (1/2 credit earned each year)

Electives (d)                          3.5                               4.5 

(d) To earn the advanced designation, the student must complete one of the following: 3 credits in a language other than English or 5 credits in CTE or 5 credits in the arts (dance, music, theater and visual arts)


Honors Diploma

A student will receive a Regents Diploma “with honors” for an average of at least 90% in the Comprehensive Regents examinations in English, Global Studies, United States History, Integrated Algebra and either Earth Science or Living Environment.

For a student to receive an Advanced Regents Diploma with Honors, he/she must meet all the above requirements along with the comprehensive Regents examinations in Geometry, Alg2/Trigonometry, and a second science.

Class Standing

Class standing is determined by multiplying the final grade earned in each course successfully completed by the credit(s) earned for the course, and then by the course weight.  The results are added and the weighted average is determined.

Course weight is a factor predetermined for the course by the course’s level of difficulty.  Students are ranked based on their weighted average.

Courses taken off the school campus will not be counted in class standing.  They will however be shown on the student’s transcript.

Final class standing will be determined at the end of the third marking period in the senior year.  As this time, the Valedictorian, Salutatorian, and the rest of the top students, will be named by the principal. 


AP Courses Offered in 2014-2015: 

Biology, Calculus AB, U.S. History, English Language, Art, Spanish and French.

Honors Program: 

The following courses carry Honors Weight:

Advanced Placement Courses                             Italian II / III                            Pre-Calculus       

Latin II / III                    Spanish IV                     Spanish V                        French IV                         French V

Students are placed in AP and Honors courses based on their performance in the previous course, teacher recommendation, and personal motivation. 

Honor Roll

Honor Roll Standing is based on the average of all numerically graded subjects inclusive of Physical Education.  Students must be enrolled in at least six academic courses and may not receive any failing grades in the quarter to be eligible.

Principal’s List    95-100 Average
High Honors        90-94 Average
Second Honors   85-89 Average

National Honor Society

In the second semester of their junior year, students who have a five semester cumulative average of 3.4 (90%) or higher will be notified that they are academically qualified to apply for induction to Bishop Ludden’s National Honor Society, Lumen Christi Chapter.  Students must also demonstrate leadership, character, and service to the school and community.

Graduation Statistics for the Class of 2014

Graduation Rate: 100%

99% earned NYS Regents Diplomas                                           54% Regents Diplomas

7%   Regents Diplomas with Honors                                          29% Advanced Regents Diplomas

9%   Advanced Regents Diplomas with Honors

The Class of 2014 earned over $4 million dollars in academic and athletic scholarships and grants



SAT Results

                          Critical Reading  Math       Writing

Class of 2014       540                         495         513


ACT Results

                         Composite Score

Class of 2014       23.2


Post High School Plans for the Class of 2014

Number in graduating class                                              58
Higher Education                                                                57

Four-Year College                                                               75%       

Two-Year Colleges                                                             19%

Another post-secondary, tech. or bus. school                 2%

U.S Military                                                                           2%         

Employment                                                                         2%            

Top Schools our graduates were accepted to:

LeMoyne College                                 Onondaga Comm. Coll.

SUNY Oswego                                     St. Bonaventure University

Nazareth College                                Keuka College

SUNY Geneseo                                   Cazenovia College

Grade Equivalents

95-100   =  A+                       75-79     =  C+

90-94     =  A                         70-74     =  C

85-89     =  B+                       65-69     =  D

80-84     =  B                         Below 65=  F


“Gaelic Knights” sports are offered for men and women at the modified, junior-varsity, and varsity levels. They include: soccer, tennis, football, cheerleading, basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, golf, and lacrosse. We also offer cross country, track & field, and indoor track (all combined with area school teams).

Major Club and Organizations

Campus Ministry, Chorus, Instrumental Band Program, Art Club, Science Olympiad, Yearbook, Spring Musical, Fall Theater, Jazz Band, National Honor Society, Student Government, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Peer Leadership, Ski Club, Student Newspaper, Chess Club,  Dances and Travel Abroad.