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Counseling & Guidance

Counseling Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 8 AM - 3:15 PM               Phone: 315.488.3237

The counseling office at Bishop Ludden is responsible for working with students and their parents to ensure they are prepared academically for the rigors of life beyond high school. Since every student learns differently, this department is challenged with knowing each student’s individual needs. 

Guidance Office Links:

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Transcript Request

General Study Skills:

Carnegie Library

How to study.com


Virginia Tech



Scientific America



Honors Diploma

A student will receive a Regents Diploma “with honors” for an average of at least 90% in the Comprehensive Regents examinations in English, Global Studies, United States History, Integrated Algebra and one Science.

For a student to receive an Advanced Regents Diploma with Honors, he/she must meet all the above requirements along with the comprehensive Regents examinations in Geometry, Alg2/Trigonometry, Foreign Language, and a second science.


Class Standing

Class standing is determined by multiplying the final grade earned in each course successfully completed by the credit(s) earned for the course, and then by the course weight.  The results are added and the weighted average is determined.

This determines the student’s class standing.  Course weight is a factor predetermined for the course by the course’s level of difficulty.  Students are ranked based on their weighted average.

Courses taken off the school campus will not be counted in class standing.  They will however be shown on the student’s transcript.

Final class standing will be determined at the end of the third marking period in the senior year.  As this time, the Valedictorian, Salutatorian, and the rest of the top students, will be named by the principal.  Class standing is reported in percentiles, i.e. top 5%, 10%, 20%, 25%, 50%, and lower 50%.

Honors Program: 

The following courses carry Honors Weight:
All are Advanced Placement Courses

Italian II / III          Latin II / III          German II / III          Spanish II / III

Spanish IV             French IV             French V

Contemporary American History       Pre-Calculus

Students are placed in AP and Honors courses based on their performance in the previous course, teacher recommendation, motivation and ability.

Honor Roll

Honor Roll Standing is based on the average of all numerically graded subjects inclusive of Physical Education.  Students must be enrolled in at least six academic courses and may not receive any failing grades in the quarter to be eligible.

Principal’s List 95-100 Average
High Honors 90-94 Average
Second Honors 85-89 Average

National Honor Society

In the second semester of their sophomore year, students who have a five semester cumulative average of 3.4 (90%) or higher will be notified that they are academically qualified to apply for induction to Bishop Ludden’s National Honor Society, Lumen Christi Chapter.  Students must also demonstrate leadership, character, and service to the school and community.

Grade Equivalents

95-100 =  A+

90-94 =  A

85-89 =  B+

80-84 =  B

75-79 =  C+

70-74 =  C

65-69 =  D

Below 65=  F