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Tuition & Financial Aid

Financial Information for 2013-2014


Tuition Rates:

Note:  Tuition only covers 70% of the actual cost per student.  Parishes, the Annual Alumni Fund Appeal, the Family Fundraising Program and our Parent Organization and other school fundraisers subsidize the remaining amount. 

Grade Level

7th and 8th

9th- 12th

First Child



Second Child



Third Child






Tuition Deposit:  When a family applies for re-admission for their student or applies for admission for a new student, Bishop Ludden requires a $150.00 tuition deposit.  This deposit is subtracted from the total amount of tuition.  This tuition deposit is non-refundable after June 1st.  

Methods of Payment:

Bishop Ludden offers the following methods for paying tuition.  Families must select a method of payment when they submit registration material or applications for admission.  Payment plans are:

a)      Full Payment by August 1st ($50 Discount)

b)      SMART – direct monthly debit plan

Should you find yourself dealing with extenuating circumstances that do not allow you to choose one of the payment plans as listed or to meet the tuition deposit deadline of March 16th, please contact Sr. Mary Ellen Shirtz at 468-2591.

Note:  The Tuition Office will not allow the choosing of one plan and payment at random.  If your chosen payment plan is in default, it will jeopardize your student’s continuance of classes at Bishop Ludden until your payment plan is brought current.

How to apply for Tuition Assistance at Bishop Ludden:

To apply for tuition assistance, families must complete the SMART Aid application.  This application must be completed and submitted by Friday, March 16th, 2012.  Consideration of applications for tuition assistance received after Friday, March 16th will be contingent upon the availability of funding.

It is important to note that SMART does not provide tuition assistance.  The company simply compiles information that allows the Diocesan Tuition Assistance Personnel to make decisions in distributing aid.

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP):  This is Diocesan tuition assistance for Catholic School Education funded by the Hope Appeal.  It is based on financial need.  SMART Aid applications must be completed for financial aid consideration and be submitted by March 16th for the next school year.

Additional Scholarships and Tuition Assistance Programs are available from each school.  There is assistance available based upon financial need and scholastic achievement.  Please contact the school for further information and assistance.

All financial assistance, including scholarships, will be published by June 30th.


Standard Grade Level Academic Fees:  In previous years students purchased an array of supplemental course materials and/or paid various fees throughout the year.  Parents expressed a desire to pay for these supplies at one time to avoid writing multiple checks during the school year.  The process has been refined by identifying to parents and students at admission or re-admission the standard grade level academic fee.  With this, all students would have standard supplemental materials distributed in class versus going to the bookstore for each of the items.  This fee is included on your tuition bill and in the total amount of tuition owed.  The following is a breakdown of standard grade level academic fees. (SGLAF).  















Materials covered by the SGLAF’s include retreats, student planners, supplemental course materials, workbooks, review books, vocabulary books, novels, religion books, bibles, health materials, gym locks, art supplies, and tests.

In grades 9 through 12, student’s schedules are different due to the fact that many electives are available.  The grade level fees reflect common charges to all students in each grade level.  Students in grades 9-12, however, have the option to take various electives.  Additional course supply fees for non-standard grade level courses may apply.

*Students in the 11th and 12th grades have the option to take Advanced Placement courses and exams.  A $90 fee per AP course applies. All AP fees must be paid by Friday, September 28th, 2012.


Family Fundraising Program:  The Family Fundraising Program is a mandatory fundraiser in which each family (no matter how many students are in the family) is required to contribute $110.00 either by fundraising or direct donation.  This revenue is included in our annual school budget and our financial well being depends on it.*

This program was developed in order to:

  • Address the issue of ALL families making a contribution to the school fundraising efforts.
  • Accommodate all types of family schedules.
  • Limit the amount of time spent fundraising.
  • Avoid burdening families that have more than one student at Bishop Ludden.

The Family Fundraising fee will be applied directly to your family’s tuition balance.

* Other Bishop Ludden athletic teams, organizations, and graduating classes frequently hold individual fundraisers to benefit their specific program.  These fundraisers are not included in the Family Fundraising Program.

Sports Fees:    Modified (Gr. 7-8) –             1st sport, $140; each additional sport $75.00

                        JV or Varsity (Gr. 9-12) –     1st sport, $165; each additional sport $100.00

                        Football –                              Modified, $165; Varsity, $190.


School Uniforms:  Families are required to purchase uniforms from Risse Brothers (including pants).

                   (1-856-751-7671 or online at www.rissebrothers.com.)

Lost Centro Bus Passes:

Any student whose Centro bus pass is lost or destroyed must go down to the  Syracuse City School District Transportation Department at 369 6th North Street, Syracuse (435-4260) and pay $7 in order to receive a replacement bus pass.  Vouchers will not be issued by the school to students who lose or forget their bus pass.