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Syracuse, NY 13219

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A note from the Principal:

The Ludden Fund has been established as a means of sustaining the school's operation now and into the future. The sustainability of our school relies heavily on the support of our alumni, parents, past parents and the entire Ludden Community.

The success of the Ludden mission is noticeable in our community. Our students and alumni continue to serve as positive role models in their day to day lives. Our sports teams have been consistently recognized as NYS Scholar-Athlete teams in the past years. Our teams excel athletically and the student athletes learn the life lessons associated with participating in team sports. Our recent graduates have taken the Ludden experience forward in their further academic pursuits and in their adult lives. Most significantly, our students grow spiritually in the light of Christ, which is at the heart of our mission.

To continue our mission, and to help shape the lives of our future leaders, we need the support of the entire Ludden Community; our parents, administration, faculty and staff, alumni, and families of alumni. Tuition dollars cover only 58% of the cost of providing a quality, Catholic School education to our students.

In addition to several new programs and initiatives, Ludden Fund donations go towards:

  • Instructional supplies and equipment to support innovative teaching
  • State-of-the-art, high tech classrooms
  • Campus Ministry Programs
  • The continuing operation of our Math and Science Centers
  • Scholarships for deserving students
  • Bishop Ludden athletics - one of the most successful programs in Central New York

On behalf of the Ludden Family, again, we thank you for your past financial support in maintaining the tradition and excellence that has become the hallmark of Bishop Ludden. Our family has demonstrated that they are committed to the school's mission. It is our hope that they will continue to affirm this commitment and participate in the Ludden Fund Campaign in whatever way they can. We are about family, innovation, and excellence. We are the Bishop Ludden Gaelic Knights.



Brenda Reichert